ZIONOR: Snowboard Snowmobile Goggles – UV400 Protection and Anti-Fog Review

ZionorLagopos introduces the a new Ski accessory in their series which is the Snowboard Snowmobile Ski Goggles complete with magnet lens system. The ZionorLagopos series is the most complete set of ski goggles you’ll ever need. It is designed with a dual-lens equipped with an anti-fog and anti-wind feature great for an overall protective eye gear. If you are snowboarding a lot, then you are aware that one pair of ski goggles is not enough. There are a lot of factors to consider when going skiing like the lighting condition, having an anti-fog solution, lens tint and the fitting of the eye wear.

The Zionor Lagopos dual lens is complete with 100% UV protection to protect your eyes in whatever snow activity you have planned. This ski goggles is designed for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling or simply slaying down the mountain. It is made to suit your sports gear with an extra-long head strap made compatible with or without helmet able to fit any size head of all ages. The auto adjustable lenses provides a vivid vision in whatever time of day in all weather conditions because of the different lens VLTs giving clear panoramic sight and clean


  • ZionorLagopos provides UV400 protection with a double lens designed from a solid PC material originating from its own unique Lagopos anti-fogging solution giving you a hundred percent UV protection eliminating glare when you hit the mountain.
  • The product’s lenses are designed with a magnetic lens swapping technology with eight points of magnet that support the lenses tightly making it also easy to swap lens during replacement, maintenance and cleaning. With the ZionorLagopos, you won’t need several pairs, only one pair giving you many options from 1 to 17 lenses to choose from.
  • The ZionorLagopos ski goggles lens is created wide to protect large area around the eyes giving the user that wide view and smooth venting. Designed with over 180 views from its panoramic lens design giving a vivid vision eliminating more visual interference.
  • Equipped with a two way ventilation system, the ZionorLagopos has improved air flow and lessens fogging in warm and moist conditions making it safe to use in all weather.


  • ZionorLagopos focuses on security and safety of the user providing an ultra-wide visual.
  • The product is designed with a thickened foam pad, another safety feature of the goggle keeping the user’s face warm and totally wind free.
  • The eye protective feature of the Zionor is made to be less flimsy with an impact-resistance and durable frame in cases of incidents or falling.
  • The product is made with an extra-long and flexible strap to fit any user with or without the helmet and on any size head from young teen to adults.
  • The lenses are easy to replace by simply unclicking it from the 8 spots magnet locks making it super convenient to clean, replace and even switch from different lenses to another depending on the lighting condition.
  • The lenses are also auto adjustable making it compatible on whatever time of the day on almost any weather condition at all.


  • Easily scratched when wiping off using rough cloth or finger.
  • Need to follow instruction carefully to avoid ski goggle defects making it unusable in the future.
  • Not advisable to use any eye or oily substance like mascara while wearing the ski goggles since it will stain the interior of the lenses or possible scratch it.
  • Always keep goggles in the pouch or box since very fragile leaving it in an open area.
  • Needs air drying every after snow sport like skiing and snowboarding.
  • Only compatible with the unique anti-fogging solution of ZionorLagopos as using other treatment may damage the interior and anti-fogging feature of the lenses.


The ZionorLagopos series is really all the goggles you need whenever doing any sports activity. It offers high quality with a very affordable price equipped with so many features that you want to simply must have the product. It will be a good investment for people who likes to go out skiing and snowboarding. The product is easy to clean, replace and can adjust to any lighting condition. It is also designed to adjust to the fitting of the head so that you won’t risk losing a pair to the snow. The Zionor Lagopos Snowboarding goggles thought of everything when it comes to your snow sports activity.

Possible Alternatives

If you can find simple ski goggles in your local sporting goods store that are much cheaper compared to the ZionorLagopos, budget wise opt for the simpler product if you are not a snow sports enthusiast and will only use the ski goggles rarely as you do not need all those features carried by the ZionorLagopos. You may not need to buy all the lenses offered by the Zionor instead buy one and maintain it wisely to avoid overspending as the lenses are compatible on all weather conditions any time of day.

The Zionor is designed to be 100% UV protect, study the area first on where you will go skiing before purchasing a ski goggles, buying a product personally will also lessen the risk of you not being comfortable with the product rather than getting one online. It is also time saving as you can get it instantly in case you need it immediately rather than wait for the shipment for days.


For snow sports lovers out there, this product is a must try. All goggles need proper handling and maintaining but the ZionorLagopos fits all the tips when it comes to purchasing your own ski goggles. It is made to fit with its adjustable and thick padded straps, made to adhere to all lighting conditions, provide 100% UV protect and gives and overall eye protection which is the main and most crucial function of having ski goggles. You can’t ask for more.
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