What to Look For In Ski Goggles: Things to Keep In Mind

What to Look For In Ski Goggles: Things to Keep In Mind

Ski goggles are one of the essential accessories you need every time you will go skiing. Whether its with the family, buddies at work or even competing in sports, ski goggles are one of those things you don’t buy on the spot. You need understanding on what kind you need and the right pair in order for you to have a successful ski trip.

Some things to keep in mind on what to look for in ski goggles is first, do not just pick one like getting a candy bar from a store.

Chances when buying instantly is the fitting will not be as precise as you think and you will need to adjust your ski goggles constantly which are a very annoying thing. Along with the fit is the compatibility of the ski goggles to your ski helmet. If it is not correctly measured, it will also create disturbance with your whole gear.

Next is to study the setting, there are a variety of ski goggles which will be compatible to the lighting of the place of your trip. Some skiers even pack different kinds of ski goggles and pick one with the right lens color that will go along with the lighting condition of the place. Another issue is the price of the ski goggles, since there are a lot of people who rely on buying ski goggles instantly in the place where they will go skiing, the prices may be higher than those in your local sporting goods department, it is also advisable that you pick out something online if you don’t like strolling around the sports isle.

The point is, buying ski goggles on the mountain is costly than buying it beforehand.

Tips on What to Look For In Ski Goggles

Tip #1

To avoid costly ski goggles, purchase a pair days before leaving for your trip. The place to look for a good quality ski goggles, together with some expert advice on what to look for is the sporting goods store.

You may also make you way in a shop specifically for skis and boarding shop or specialty optical store which sells different kinds of eye wear as well. In this way, you can pick out the most affordable to the best seller ski goggles with some time to make good decisions rather than picking out something instantly from the mountain resort where you may also have limited ski goggles to choose from with twice the price.

If you are hesitant on the kind of ski goggles you want, buying from a sports store gives you the chance to seek advice from the salesperson or an expert on the product. With all the different features present on a pair of ski goggles, it may drive the user with some confusion on the best pair suitable for his or her ski trip. Seeking advice is a good idea on cases like these.

If you don’t like going about different local sports store, try researching online, surely there are some affordable products with all the laid out features and product descriptions for you to be informed on what to buy.

Tip #2

If you usually come to the same place, keep in mind to pick out the right lens tint. Having the right tint not only enhances your vision and area visibility but also gives a great harmony of color definition, protection on your eyes, depth perception and contrast. It also provides VLT or the right visible light transmission for any lighting condition.

If there is a lower VLT like 10-15 percent then this means there is a possibility of less eye fatigue on a bright day compared to low light days having a high VLT range from 70 percent and above meaning there is better color and depth perception. Note that in low to moderate lighting conditions, colors gold, amber and yellow filter out blue light which will enhance the shadows in the snow making you see humps clearly.

Additionally, light rose and rose copper tints are great in low lighting condition. In bright lighting conditions, dark lenses like copper, dark gray, dark brown, dark green will make your eyes adjust well and increase contrast.

The gray ones will also help you see true colors. If you want to explore your options, opt for goggles with photo chromic lenses which automatically becomes light or dark depending on the lighting condition. This way, you do not need to switch up your ski goggles. But still, you need some extra ones, just in case. Always keep in mind that the lens is the most essential part and feature of a ski goggle since they are the ones protecting your eyes.

Tip #3

Whenever you’re buying ski goggles at your local store, test the fitting out. It is not a bad idea to seek help on putting on the goggles and checking the adjustment strap to your head. This way, you will be able to save time on knowing how the strap adjusts. You’ll know if it is smooth or difficult or if you find it hard to pull and navigate then look for another pair.

Remember to make them fit snugly with or without your head gear. Other ski goggles may have a soft and rubbery strap that does not push in to your scalp. On this note, try picking out those with a much wider strap instead of narrow one to avoid pressure in the head. There are also foam inserts in the band which keeps out wind, dirt and ice keeping in mind to select the foam that is sufficiently thick in cushioning your face in case you fall down.

Again, ask advice to the salesperson if you are not getting your ski goggles online.

Tip #4

Since the lens is the most essential part of a ski goggle, get one with an anti-fogging feature. Pick out a ski goggle with double lenses that lessens condensation from forming. The anti-fog coating will help you reduce fog and he vents along the side of the goggle will clear the warm air exhausting it from the inside of the goggle. It is also handy to bring an anti-fog solution.

These are just some tips to know what to look for in a ski goggle. Overall, these goggles are for the safety and security of the user whenever he or she goes down the mountain. Unlike a regular eye wear or sunglasses, ski goggles are not mainly for fancy but an important piece of accessory to guide and let the skier maintain a good visual while skiing down the mountain.

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