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Picador Goggles: The Best of the Breed, No Matter the Season or Your Choice of Outdoor Activities Review

When you want to get off the lift and jump onto the slopes, whether it is with skis or a snowboard, you’ll want to see what’s going on around you and protect your eyes from blowing snow, ice particles, and the wind along with the sun reflected off the snow and ice.This is what we are going to talk about today.

The Picador Snowmobile snowboard Skate Ski Goggles with Detachable Dual Layer Anit-fog Lens for Adults is a set of first-rate goggles that give you maximum eye protection, whether you are snowmobiling, skiing, or doing tricks with your snowboard.

You will learn about their features, the pros and cons, along with how they stack up to their competition as well. When you take a pair of these goggles out for whatever fun on the snow you are doing, you will know that you will look good and be protected, and these goggles will give you a spectacular performance for your day or night activities. When you want the best in eyewear and protection, you want Picador.


No fogging

One of the biggest complaints with wearing goggles is the fogging that occurs when you exhale or exert yourself. Not so, with your Picador goggles, they are designed to ventilate when you move or when you are stationary as well. They have special ports that let your eyes breathe and prevent the conditions that cause fogging.

Spherical lenses

You feel as if you had eyes in the back of your head as you have such a clear situational awareness of what is happening around you. Optically clear but have 18% VLT that cuts down on the glare and UV rays that can hurt your eyes. The reflected light off the snow can cause blindness—this will not be a problem with your Picador goggles.

Foam helmet compatible

These goggles fit whether you are helmeted or not. You have the best in eye gear around. The mix of foam cushions everything perfectly and with the addition of extra ventilation, you have the ultimate in wearing comfort. It does not matter how well a pair of goggles fits—if you cannot or wouldn’t wear them, they are useless.

Flex with a TPU shell that is rigged and comfortable at the same time

Made from tough TPU, these goggles will flex with your needs and no matter what the conditions are. Your eyes are covered and protected from injury. You are cushioned during any activity or gyration your body makes during your downhill, snowmobile, or other winter antics.

This is great news for you as your goggles will always be right where they need to be anytime and anywhere you are.


  • Full field of vision and goggles don’t fog during a tough run
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Fits with or without a helmet, plus it has a perfect fit
  • Full face protection that cuts down on glare and no fogging
  • They don’t fog no matter what the weather is like
  • Premium quality at a rock bottom price
  • Clear under all conditions and so light you don’t even know you are wearing them


  • If you have a tiny face you might not get a tight fit
  • Great goggles, but needs more colors


The nearest competitors are the OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO and the Zionor Snowmobile Snowboard Skate Ski Goggles. Both are excellent goggles. However, they have a problem. The ZIONOR are too dark for daylight runs; they are too much of a good thing.

The OutdoorMasters are a knockoff from China and are replicas of the Anon M2’s, but cheaper. Their problem is they are close but their reviewers talk mostly about the bag and not their quality. Well, they are good but the Picador goggles are better, original, and stand in a class by themselves, and they do not copy anyone.


If you want a great set of goggles for snowboarding, roaring across fields on your Ski-doo, and slaloming down the expert’s slopes, you need the best for your eyes. The Picador goggles fit the bill and they give you all-around vision and comfort to boot.

They are priced to give you a great deal. They never have to apologize; they are of the highest quality. They give you what you want in a set of goggles. You now have goggles that you will be proud to wear, and this not only includes during the winter but, during the spring, summer and fall for any other outdoor activities as well.

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