How to Clean Ski Goggles in 5 easy steps

How to Clean Ski Goggles in 5 easy steps

The snowy season has now begun and skiing with the family is one way to enjoy the holidays especially during this Christmas season. In this period is where you can spend some quality time with the whole family and enjoy a great bond with one another. Of course one of the items you will pack up to your trip is your ski goggles that will protect you from the gush of wind while you slide down that slope.

No matter what kind of ski goggles you have or bought from the store; whether it’s from the most expensive with a GPS and other fancy features to those with photo chromatic lens and polarized lens or you went the very affordable route you need to be able to maintain and clean them so that they won’t end up blurry and you’ll continue to see properly against the snow. Here are some five easy tips on how to clean ski goggles:

Step 1

First you need to prepare some cleaning solution together with an eyeglass cleaning cloth. Make sure the cloth is not rough to avoid abrasion of the lenses and even cracking. Additionally, check if your cleaning solution is compatible with plastic to avoid damaging your lenses as well. It is advisable to use ski goggle cleaning solution or the authentic cleaner spray which can be found at your local sporting goods department store or even online.

Step 2

When you got your cleaning cloth and cleaning solution, avoid placing a generous amounts for each lens, instead, just make a few drops of the cleaning solution to only half of the cleaning cloth,making sure that the cloth is not rough and is ideal for wiping glass to avoid scratching it. Start by wiping off the inside of the lens with the cleaning cloth damped by the solution and work your swipes until the dust and grime come off.

Step 3

When wiping the ski goggle lenses, apply a gentle pressure by following a circular motion. It is not necessary to be forceful in stroking the lenses clean because the extra pressure might scrub off the anti-fog coating feature of the lenses and you might tend to push them out of the frame. Be sure to keep essentially light strokes going around for patting away some dirt or any residue that cling in the lenses.

Step 4

Once you have completely removed any unwanted residue, take the other half of the cloth without the cleaning solution and wipe the goggle lenses dry trying to have a polished surface as possible. Continue with light and gentle strokes, wiping the lens in a circular motion. Check the whole surface that it is free from moisture in order to have a spotless area.

Step 5

After you have finished with the interior lenses of your ski goggles, just do the same procedure for the outside lens being careful to remove all dirt and unwanted residue on the goggles to maintain its function and have a enjoyable ski experience.

Tips on Keeping Ski Goggles Clean

Just like any pair of eye wear like the sunglasses, ski goggles can come with a goggle bag where you can conveniently store them. However, this bag is not secure and safe enough to contain a delicate piece of material like these goggles so you can find a hard case or a box to fit them snugly in there to keep them untouched during your travel. Picking out a case what match your traveling items are really cool to if you are in to it.

In addition to that, if there is no cleaning cloth available for you to wipe your ski goggles, you can also use the goggle bag that came along with it to wipe the lenses since the bag cloth is usually compatible with the lens to avoid it from scratching. This is also a good way to keep in mind on how to clean ski goggles.

With that being said, avoid using tissue paper whenever you have caught some dirt in your ski goggles, do not use your shirt as well or even any regular blankets, since the ski goggles lenses are quite delicate and getting a tiny scratch on it won’t be pretty. Again, you may use the goggle bag to wipe away any prints and dust caught on the exterior lens.

The inside of the lens is more delicate since ski goggle manufacturers place an anti-fog coating so the user should be extra careful. It is important not to wipe off the anti-fog coating since it is an essential part of the ski goggles. Make sure the treatment stays on the lens.

It is best recommended not to touch that part of the goggles as possible rather than risk the damage if you are not able to handle it well. Getting the anti-fog coating is as easy as wiping it especially when you have manage to put some moisture in there and if that happens, your ski goggles will just fog up all the time leaving the crucial function of the ski goggles to be useless.

Another good tip is to store a selection of ski goggles in order to adjust to the different lighting conditions of the venue or if you have accidentally smudged your ski goggles. This is also a good tip for those traveling together and a friend forgot his own pair, it would not be fun going down that slope alone when you scheduled the trip together. Keep in mind that ski goggles can normally fog up without getting dirt or grim on the lenses so best to have a soft cloth handy in case you need to dab it on a little moisture caught on the lenses.

It is also a good idea to keep your anti-fog solution at hand to lessen the moisture levels and enhance your visibility through your ski goggles. An anti-fog solution can be made available in the sporting goods department of even online stores.

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