Gonex: Professional Ski Goggles - Double Lens

Gonex: Professional Ski Goggles – Double Lens Review

The Gonex Professional Ski Goggles is made not only for sports but also for casual family or company events on the snow. The goggles are made with double lenses for snow sports and stored in a goggles case EVA box for a more safe and secure containment.

The Gonex Professional Ski Goggles makes sure that the user gets the complete feature and use of a ski goggle with its OTG anti-fog treatment and windproof design for all you snowboarding activities. One pair is made of a PC outer lens with a sphere like design giving the skier a vast and vivid view of the mountain providing a safer ride down the slope because of the lenses prevention of sight interference.

In addition to that, the lenses are created with a UV400 protect to shield the user’s visual from harmful sunlight, UV rays and other glare keeping them away from any incidents. The Italy imported grey inner lens of the Gonex Professional ensures its suitability to any sunny lighting condition.


  • The Gonex Professional is made with triple layer foam to lessen fogging and optimize air flow in the interior and exterior of the lens.
  • The ski goggles are created with venting ports that maximizes the air flow yet does not clog snow and ice.
  • The Gonex Professional ski goggle lenses are designed with a double layer lens giving a more beamy view while giving as little sight interference as possible.
  • The interior lenses are made from Italy imported grey inner lens to suit any daylight condition.
  • The product’s lenses are also treated with the anti-fogging plus polarized and full REVO.
  • It is also designed with a flexible urethane TPU frame to adhere to bigger spaces and to easily adjust with different helmet sizes without giving much pressure to the user’s head.
  • The Gonex Professional has a one year warranty.


  • The frame is wide enough providing you much space and comfort even while wearing eyeglasses.
  • The padding is thick which gives the user comfort even when wearing a big helmet.
  • The straps are elastic enough to adjust to any helmet or head size making it convenient to wear for teens or adults.
  • The lenses are treated well with anti-fog solution and are covered with a protective film when purchased to prevent the solution from peeling.
  • The ski goggles are nestled in a box rather than a pouch making it safer and secure from any damage.


  • The ski goggles need to be handled with care as wiping the lenses with any rough fabric or even the fingers can easily damage and scratch it.
  • The ski goggles are not advisable to be left out facing down on the table and the ground as it will damage the treatment jeopardizing the whole lenses.
  • Every after skiing it is recommended to air dry the goggles especially if soaked with sweat as the sweat smell will remain on the straps and frame if not taken care of properly.
  • The frame size may not suit every user as it is big enough to cover a wider area of visual.
  • Gives out a strong odor coming from the treatment when newly purchased.


The Gonex Professional Ski Goggles is designed more on users who want to experience a vast range of visual when going down the mountain. The frame is also constructed not to interfere with the peripheral vision of the user. Even though it is designed for larger sized head, it is also easily adjustable to fit smaller ones. Moreover, it fits well for those who wear eye glasses and people with bigger helmets and other snow gear.

The lenses are well treated with anti-fogging solution and coated with UV400 protection for safety in well lighted conditions. The whole package of the Gonex Professional ski goggles only includes one pair of snow goggles, one case with a carrying pouch and of course, an instruction manual. The beauty of the Gonex Professional ski goggles is that the case actually prevents the goggles from getting scratched or damaged during your travel.

Possible Alternatives

Since the Gonex Professional is specifically designed to function well in a more sunny lit condition, it is recommended that the user purchase another pair of ski goggles that will adhere to a dim lighted setting. The Gonex Professional also has a very wide frame which may not suit some users with smaller head size or cause discomfort with fitting so it is a great option to pick out ski goggles from your local sports store to test the fitting and how comfortably it will sit on your head.

Another advantage of buying ski goggles personally is to be able to inspect the product well and ask the salesman for tips and product description for the buyer to be able to save time, money and make a good investment on the product selected.


Overall, the Gonex Professional is a great product for any snow sporting activity. The lenses are polarized giving you a really good experience while going down the mountain without much visual interference of lighting and glare. The anti-fogging solution really helps prevent an amount of fog which blocks your vision and the air ventilation ports help out in unclogging any snowy and icy feel during the ride.

If you want the latest high quality gear, giving you a complete feature and authentic design, the Gonex Professional is the best option offering great price. They are lightweight and the lenses give out a crisp and clear vision with a very broad range of view plus the REVO polarized lens is really effective in keeping out really bright light. The Gonex Professional’s tint gives you an expensive feel and are easily adjustable which will not only fit you but also other members of your family, it is not bad keeping a pair or two.

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