Dragon Alliance X1 Ski Goggles

Dragon Alliance X1 Ski Goggles Review

The Dragon Alliance X1 Ski Goggles are a great product for visual protection. The goggles are made of durable material and offer high-quality visibility while skiing or snowboarding. This product has a unique look and comes in assorted colors. The lens offers secure protection against the sun’s UV rays for extreme eye protection.

This brand of goggles is very light in weight, and can be worn for hours without any discomfort. There are many options that Dragon goggles have to offer, and these features are the reason that these goggles are a good purchase.


Dragon Alliance Ski Goggles stand out among other goggles on the market. The brand has proven to be a reliable and sufficient visual protector. It has a creative style that is different than most plain goggles. These numerous features offer you long-term use and stability with every pair of Dragon Alliance ski goggles. This brand understands the needs of their customers and has provided options that will be useful.


These ski goggles are compatible to wear with all different styles of helmets. The helmet will fit comfortably over the strap of the goggle and feel tight on the head; this feature allows you to have double protection with a comfortable fit. The goggles have a durable strap that snugly fits and the strap is located in the back of the item.

The strap is made of silicone which will keep the goggles firmly in place while you are wearing them. The silicone straps work wonderfully when riding over bumpy terrain or skiing downhill at fast speeds, which is a useful feature to have in a ski goggle.


An injected lens is designed to protect eyesight during any type of weather and usage; this helps ensure a clear and crisp seeing capability when the weather is not being cooperative. There is complete 100% protection in the lenses that keeps UV rays from harming your eyes.

The protection that the goggles offer can keep your vision working efficiently while not having to worry about any distortion. It is important to be able to have full visual awareness at all times during any type of activities, and these goggles offer that for every user.


This type of goggles has a frameless construction, which allows the goggles to fit more freely with no obstruction of frames or plastic parts. The only parts that the improved technology has constructed are the lens and the strap. No other parts are needed for this product to work properly. There is a venting feature that is armored to allow air to flow and keep your face at a comfortable temperature when wearing the goggles.


There is a functional lining feature that is built into the goggles. It is made with three layers of foam for a soft, comfort fit on the face. The foam lining is hypoallergenic fleece. This is the type of fleece can be used by those with sensitive skin. This triple-foam protection ensures that the goggles are not hard on the nose and won’t leave indentations.


The goggles come with a special ion lens for an enhanced visual performance. The ion lens is yellowish blue in color, which gives the goggles a creative look. It helps users see in the snow when the sun is reflecting on it.


  • The goggles do not fog up at all
  • The tent changes because of the transitioning options
  • Exceptional customer service and product
  • Comfortable and snug fit
  • Smaller lens frame
  • Variety of colors
  • The goggles work well in any weather


  • Glasses need to bend a little bit to fit under the goggles
  • Need a larger pair of goggles for a bigger face size


There are numerous brands of ski goggles on the market. Dragon Alliance features make them a good brand of ski goggles. They can be compared to other brands such as Electric EGV goggles, and EG3 snow goggles. The Electric goggles have similar features as the Dragon Alliance product, but with less protection such as the foam lining.

The EG3 does not list very many features as the other two goggles. All three goggles are designed for snow and skiing eye protection. Out of the three, the Alliance Dragon has the most features.


Dragon Alliance X1 Ski Goggles have provided users with a unique product. They are made with UV protection that offers you safety for your eyes. The compatible fit allows you to use this product with extra protection which also helps keep you safe and protected. The foam lining that is built into the goggles is hypoallergenic which protects those who have sensitive skin.

The snug fit of the silicone strap keeps the goggles from moving around loosely on the head. This also provides you with safety because the goggles won’t be able to obstruct vision. Overall, the Dragon Alliance Ski Goggle is a good choice of product, and many customers agree.

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