Anti-fog Versatile Snow Goggle: Gonex Pro Snow Goggle Review

Whether you are snow skiing or just having a little walk in the snow on a very bright day or during a harsh weather condition, it’s important to keep your eyesight protected. None could better provide ample and needed shield from the elements than the Gonex Pro goggles, an anti-fog versatile snow goggle.

Skiing has been a popular winter sport for people who have lived in places where snow is quite abundant. The sport requires a person to wear protective gears such as a snow jacket, warm hat, mittens, helmet, goggles and more. Goggles enhance your field of vision and protect your eyes and face especially during extreme weather conditions and a possible encounter with an obstacle during your ride. It can either have a single or double lens. A double lens is much better for anti-fogging. The lenses should be spherical and treated with UV400 protection. Fortunately, Gonex was able to comply with the modern goggle design standards and even offered great additional features. Gonex is a company established in 2013 that promotes excellent products for individuals who love outdoor adventure. The Gonex Pro snow goggles offer you a fun, fog-free winter sports experience.


  • Lenses are spherical and polycarbonate treated with UV400 protection that either has a colored or silver peripheral curve.
  • Face foam is triple-layered.
  • Frame constructed using flexible TPU – urethane.
  • The strap is elastic, adjustable and embroidered and is helmet compatible.
  • Goggles come with an EVA box protective casing, a carrying pouch and a manual.
  • If found faulty, repair and replacement are guaranteed for 1 year.
  • The goggle utilizes OTG (Over The Glasses).


  • Transition glasses reduce brightness and provide 100% UV protection.
  • The goggle vents well and lens provide a wide viewing capability.
  • If properly worn, it’s comfortable and tight for a fog-free and clear visibility.
  • The foam padding is layered beautifully.
  • Goggles are kept scratch-free and stored safe in the protective casing and carrying pouch.
  • The lens are durable and anti-fog coated shielding the eye from cold, wind, water, particulates, trail obstacles, UV light, etcetera.
  • A person with glasses can retain and fit their glasses to be worn inside the goggle.


  • Gonex Pro tends to smell bad when soaked with sweat thus need to be dried in an airy place.
  • It might fog if not tightly worn.
  • The lenses might be stained or scratched if they come in contact with your hand or a rough cloth.


Winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, ski jumping, snowmobiling and others are more enjoyable using high-quality goggles such as the Gonex Pro snow goggle, an anti-fog versatile snow goggle that offers an enhanced field of vision, and eye and face protection even under extreme weather conditions.

The goggles feature polycarbonate UV400 protection treated lenses, compatible helmet and glass and TPU frame that includes a triple-layer face foam with adjustable straps. The goggles are safely stored in an EVA box case preventing it from being scratched. You will not have problems riding on the slope as it doesn’t only protect your vision from reflective lights but is also windproof and fog-free. Your eyes are safe from exposure to UV and sun lights.

However, Gonex Pro snow goggles tend to smell bad if the frame foam is soaked in sweat thus needs to be dried. Not only that, lens fogging is unavoidable if the goggles are not positioned, fit and tightened well. The lenses are delicate and should not come in contact with your hands, a rough cloth or any object that might cause a stain or scratch. You can have a fogless vision with just the right price.

Possible Alternatives

There are other good choices for snow goggles out in the market ranging from different price, model and features they have to offer. If a snow goggle does come with plenty of useful features considering that it’s made from high-quality durable materials, you should expect it to be a bit pricey. Unless the goggle is found defective or inadequate, it should probably come cheaper.

ZIONOR Lagopus X goggle is a snowboard goggle featuring a detachable spherical wide-view double-layer: solid and superior peripheral curve lens. High-performance venting makes it moist-absorbent and fog-free. It also provides sun glare protection, different tints and VLTs (Visible Light Transmission) to prevent eye fatigue. The snow goggle is actually comfortable and warm to wear because the strap can be adjusted along with a compatible helmet. The FDA DROP BALL TEST certified the goggles’ sturdiness and durability which makes them very good eye protection gear when expecting an impact or tumble especially skiing on a slope. Lagopus X goggle might come somewhat expensive but considering those great features plus the spare lenses with different colors and VLTs makes it worth the buy. In addition, the ZIONOR offers a great customer service.


Gonex did a great job at designing the goggle. Gonex Pro snow goggles offer a variety of features to winter sports enthusiasts. It’s one of the amazing snow goggles with a double lens that trap the heat up making the lens free from fogging.

There are obstacles along the way like tree branches, rocks, twigs, bushes and others either you’re skiing or not especially traveling along the slope. Goggle fogging might happen too and can be quite a nuisance causing you to have impaired vision which can pose as a hazard during skiing. But that can be taken cared of because the Gonex Pro is a high-quality goggle made of durable materials, making it sturdy and a good protective anti-fog eyewear. It is also warm, fitting, and very comfortable to wear considering the adjustable strap, helmet compatibility, and the triple-layer face foam.

With all things considered, whatever you’re doing in a cold, snowy and windy weather, you and most importantly your eyes should be kept safe and healthy. This goggle is highly recommended to be included in your list if you wish to have a fog-free winter sports experience that comes around for a reasonable price.

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