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The Best Ski Goggles

The Best Ski Goggles

Ski goggles are essential pieces of equipment that are important as the skis, the ski pants and other equipment. When at high altitudes, the air is thinner which results in less filtration of UV rays. The rays of the sun get more intense and brighter when they hit they snow.

As one skis or snowboards down a slope, this can blind ones vision resulting in an accident. Wind too can make the eyes of the skier or snowboarder to tear. When you add ice particles which can get into one’s eyes as well as twigs, then you now realize how important ski goggles are.

If the weather is cloudy or overcast, chances of clear visibility are minimal which means your eyes will need all the protection in order to see you safely down the hill. As essential pieces of equipment, not only are they designed to be stylish but they help to protect the eyes too. This helps to ensure that your snowboarding and skiing experience is great from the word go.

Here are product reviews of select ski goggles that will help to protect your eyes from UV rays, wind, frost bite and ice particles.





   Picador Snowmobile Skate Ski Goggles with Detachable Dual Layer, Matte Black  $  4.8/5
   Dragon Alliance X1 Ski Goggles, Form/Green Ion  $$$  5.0/5
   Fuel Optics High Performance Anit-Fog Ski and Snowboard Goggles with Magnetic Quick Change Lens  $$  5.0/5
   Marsnow Mens Polarized OTG Spherical Lens Ski Goggles Black Frame  $  4.3/5
   POC Lobes Ski Goggles, Samarium Yellow, One Size  $$  4.7/5
   Padaras Professional Ski Goggles and Snowmobile Goggles with Multicolor Anti-fog Windproof Spherical Dual Fashion & Stylish Lens $$ 4.5/5
   ZIONOR Lagopus X7 Ski Snowboard Goggles with Quick Lens-changing UV400 Protection Anti-fog Wide Spherical PC Lens Anti-slip Strap Helmet Compatible  $$  5.0/5
   OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO with Big, Detachable Anti-Fog Lens  $  4.7/5
   OutdoorMaster Mirrored OTG Ski Goggles for Men and Women  $  5.0/5
   IFLYING Snow Skiing Snowboarding Motocross Anti-Fog Goggles Dustproof Scratch-Resistant Bendable Unisex Goggles  $  4.8/5

Picador Snowmobile Snowboard Skate Ski Goggles

The Picador Snowmobile Snowboard Skate ski goggles are designed with flexible and durable TPU material which allows for better fit. The flexible material also prevents the strain that would otherwise occur if it was made with a stiffer material. It has a detachable double layer lens that offers protection from the harmful UV rays.

It is a common feature at high altitudes for snow boarders, skiers and mountaineers to experience thin air. This means that the thin air is unable to filter the UV rays well. Thanks to the detachable double layer lens, the eyes are well protected from the damage that would have been otherwise caused by the harsh UV rays.


  • Mirror coated UV 400 protected lenses
  • TPU frame material
  • Polycarbonate lens material
  • Scratch resistant lenses
  • Impact resistant lenses
  • Anti-fog lenses
  • Weighs 161g


  • They are designed to be scratch resistant which helps to ensure clear visibility even when you pass close to tree branches
  • They are impact resistant which helps to ensure the eyes are protected against ice particles blown by the wind.
  • They have anti fog capability. This prevents the goggles from misting which would lower visibility for the user.
  • Comes with two ventilation holes that help to ensure no mist forms on the glasses from the inside due to warm breath.
  • 30 day money back guarantee assures the customers of refunds in case they are not pleased with the product after a stipulated duration.
  • It is made with a flexible and durable TPU frame material that ensures better fit for any user.


  • The eco pleasant adhesives result in a scent which could be unpleasant to the user
  • The anti-fog layer can be tampered with when cleaning is not done properly.


The spherical lenses with wider visions allow the user to have a clear vision of the front and the sides while facing the front. This is highly advantageous especially when snow boarders are racing downhill. This prevents accidents between the skiers and snowboarders. It has 3 Core Face Foam which adds to the ski goggles comfort around the eyes. It is helmet compatible thus the user is assured of protection as the straps can be extended over the helmet.

As impact resistant ski goggles, the eyes will not be injured easily when hit by an object while racing down the ski slope. The ski goggles are easy to clean. All you have to do is carefully clean the glasses with a microfiber cloth or gentle tissue. This will help to ensure that no harm comes to the anti-fog layer.

The one thing you need to know is that the eco pleasant adhesives around the ski goggles may cause some scent. This is especially so when you first use the goggles. You need to uncover the lens for a set period of time in order to eliminate the odor.


Dragon Alliance X1 Ski Goggles

Dragon Alliance, the company behind Dragon Alliance X1 ski goggles has been known to develop products that have optimal functionality especially for top athletes. They have an innovative design thanks to the frameless lens technology. This has paved the way for the best looking ski goggles in the market.


  • Helmet compatible with flexible strapping
  • 6 base optically injected 100% protective lenses
  • Patented frameless technology with armored venting
  • Hyperallergenic micro fleece lining
  • Yellow blue Ion lens
  • Weighs 15.4 ounces
  • Has the following dimensions 9 by 6 by 5 inches.


  • The ski goggles are fitted with patented frameless technology which makes them stylish. The armored venting helps to prevent warm breath from misting the lenses.
  • The Dragon Alliance X1 Ski Goggles are fitted with helmet compatible silicone straps which fit perfectly for normal sized snow used helmets
  • The lens have a 6 base injection which assures the user of 100% UV protection. This translates to optimal protection from the harmful rays of the sun thus preventing any damage to the eyes or onset of cancer.
  • They have hypoallergenic micro fleece lining which is perfect for people who have sensitive skin.
  • The lens are yellow-blue Ion which helps to add protection to the eyes as well as allow clear visibility especially when it’s cloudy. This eliminates the need of changing lenses as they can adapt to any situation instantly.


  • The lenses are not scratch resistant which can present a problem especially when you factor in proper vision and longevity of the lenses themselves
  • It lacks ventilation adjustment system. This could lead to minor fogging due to lack of air movement.


The armored venting system and anti-fog treated dual lens are designed for the snowy conditions that one will encounter. The harsh weather conditions especially from the brightness of the sun as it reflects off the snows surface and the blast of the wind to the face is now a thing of the past.

This is attributed to the innovative design of the Dragon Alliance X1 ski goggles. The ski goggles have been designed to ensure no fogging happens when the user is snow shoeing, snowboarding or skiing down the slope of a mountain.

The silicone based straps have been designed to fit around different helmet sizes. Thanks to the flexible straps, the user can fit and be assured of the ski goggles not being lose or falling off as one skis or snowboards. This can be attributed to the fitting of a thin implanted rubber liner which is easily adjustable. This ensures that the ski goggles stay strong and durable providing long term service to the user.

The ski goggles offers maximum peripheral vision which assures the user of easily spotting objects and other opponents. This is highly advantageous as one can avoid the many obstacles on the road as well as avoiding fellow skiers.


Fuel Optics Anti-Fog Ski and Snowboard Goggles

The Fuel Optics High Performance Anti-Fog Ski and Snowboard goggles come with magnetic lens changing technology. This allows for quick replacement of lenses depending with the conditions of the lenses itself and the weather. Furthermore, it makes cleaning the lenses a lot easier as one will not interfere with the anti-fogging layer.


  • Designed with thick padding for maximum comfort
  • Comes with magnetic quick change lenses
  • Good ventilation system
  • Removable lenses
  • Helmet compatible straps which are extra-long and adjustable
  • Offers distortion free vision
  • Weighs 0.7 pounds
  • Has the following dimensions – 4 by 4 by 8 inches


  • It comes with helmet compatible straps which are extra-long and adjustable. This helps to ensure that they can fit around any helmet size
  • The lenses are designed to offer distortion free vision. This assures the user of a clear vision especially of oncoming objects and the ground itself
  • The magnetic quick change system allows the user to change to different lenses depending with the conditions one is currently facing.
  • It comes with a well-ventilated system which is available at the top and bottom of the ski goggles. It ensures that the user does not experience any fogging when using them.
  • The ski goggles are fitted with thick padding which offers maximum comfort. The user’s skin does not come into contact with other plastic parts that would have resulted in discomfort.


  • They come with one lens only which means you have to spend more if you are looking for a wide variety.
  • The magnetic changing technology provides more grip to the lens which can be quite difficult to pry if you want to change them when on the course with gloves on.


They are designed with an ultra-wide frameless design. This provides a wide vision of the path in front as well as of objects and opponents close by. When combined with distortion free vision, the user is assured of a clear vision even when it’s cloudy.

The lenses offer 100% UV400 protection which ensure that the harmful rays do not come into contact with the skin close to the eyes. It is complimented with triple layer foam which offers maximum comfort and improves moisture management.

The Fuel Optics High Performance Anti-Fog Ski and Snowboard Goggles is fitted with Cloud9 Anti fog technology assuring the user of clear visibility and no interference from the cold air or warm breath. The dual pane lenses help to create a barrier reducing fogging and optimizes the flow of air inside the lenses. It is fitted with venting ports aiding with control of airflow while also preventing clogging from snow and ice.

The spherical ultra-clear lens offer optical clarity and fog free performance. The VX-Vision outer lenses have a unique coating that helps to prevent scratches and ensures distortion free vision.


Marsnow Mens Polarized OTG Spherical Lens Ski Goggles

The Marsnow Mens Polarized OTG Spherical Lens Ski Goggles are designed to be comfortable to wear. This ensures that you are able to carve around the groomers or skim over the powder. This attributed to the design as well as the floating membrane which eliminates eyeglass temple pressure all together. The ski goggles are designed to be helmet compatible making them suitable for use by amateurs and professionals.


  • True sight spherical dual lens
  • Floating foam membrane
  • Hypoallergenic face foam
  • Dual side strap adjustment
  • Weighs 8 ounces
  • Has the following dimensions 7.2 by 3 by 3 inches


  • The Marsnow Mens Polarized OTG Spherical Lens Ski Goggles comes with a true sight spherical dual lens. This helps to offer a wide vision to the user.
  • The ski goggles are designed to be helmet compatible so they can fit around majority of helmets available in the market. They are complemented with dual side strap adjustment features allowing one to ensure a snag fit around the helmet. This prevents any accidental falling off when one is skiing or snow shoeing.
  • It comes with a floating foam membrane that helps to eliminate eye glass temple pressure. This would lead to discomfort for the user.
  • It has hypoallergenic face foam that is suitable for people who have sensitive skin or allergic to certain types of materials.
  • It is designed to be suitable for all kinds of weather be it windy, sunny or cloudy.
  • The anti-fog design helps to eliminate the chances of fogging that would otherwise eliminate clear vision.


  • Lacks a plastic cover for the outer part of the lenses. This could result in damage such as scratching compromising the vision of the lenses.
  • They are not polarized.


It comes with anti-fog technology which prevents the lenses from misting. This would result from the cold air lowering the temperature to the inside of the ski goggles. When the warm air around the face comes into contact with the cold lenses, it results in misting. This would compromise the vision of the user which can lead to accidents if it happens when one is snowboarding or skiing downhill.

The true sight lenses are designed to be spherical in shape. This is done in order to minimize prismatic distortion thus ensuring clear view ahead. Furthermore, the design of the lenses makes them suitable for use for all kinds of weather – sunny, cloudy or windy. They also work well with a pair of glasses which can nestle around the temple cutouts for frame arm pieces.

This is highly advantageous for people who need prescription glasses to see. Thanks to this feature, one can be able to continue using prescribed glasses and enjoy the experience.


POC Lobes Ski Goggles

The ski goggles are injection molded to a spherical shape ensuring a comfortable fit for the user. It allows for a stylish design and maximum efficiency when in use. The POC Lobes Ski Goggles are designed to enhance vision and provide protection from snow, rain, slipstream, UV rays and branches. Thanks to the design, it offers optimized field of view allowing the user to have faster reaction times.


  • Comes in Samarium Yellow
  • Has anti-scratch lenses
  • Comes with anti-fog treatment
  • Lenses are injection molded to a spherical shape
  • Comes in a soft polyurethane frame
  • Weighs 0.35 pounds
  • Has the following dimensions – 4.33 by 6.22 by 8.78 inches.


  • They are designed with polyurethane frames which are soft, comfortable and flexible. This promotes safety especially on impact since the frame spreads and absorbs the impact energy instead of transmitting it to the face.
  • Comes with optimized field of view which allows the user to react earlier to approaching objects from all sides. It also helps to promote safety by giving the possibility of avoiding collisions
  • Has triple layer foam of two densities and one layer of soft fleece that provides a soft and tight fit. This makes it pleasant to the skin.
  • The lenses are anti-scratch resistant which ensures their longevity as well as offering the user clear vision of the way.
  • With the anti-fog treatment, users are assured of no misting to the lenses when in use. This allows for clear visibility at all times especially when needed the most – travelling downhill at high speeds.


  • The anti-fog layer can be tampered with when cleaning is not done properly.
  • Not available in a wide range of colors.


They come with polyurethane frames which are an alternative to hard plastics. They are comfortable, soft and flexible to the face. This helps to promote safety which is what the user is looking for. On impact, the polyurethane material absorbs some of the impact energy and does not transmit it to the face. The frame size is molded around a wide variety of noses, cheekbones and face area. This ensures optimal function and comfort.

The wide lenses offer an obstructed view whether one is skiing or snowboarding. The wide field of view allows the rider to react earlier to objects approaching all sides. This promotes safety as it helps the user to avoid collisions.

Final Verdict

It can be a daunting task to shop for the best ski goggles for use but there are things you need to consider in order to ensure a clear decision at the end. What is the lens type? In the market, you can find cylindrical/flat and spherical lenses. Spherical lenses offer a wide field of view.

The lens color or tint helps to ensure your eyes are protected from harsh UV rays as well as offering clear visibility under certain weather conditions. Other things to consider include ventilation system, frame type, frame size, face foam, straps and helmet compatibility.

The idea you need to derive from the points above is to look for ski goggles that are not only stylish but are functional too. Remember, there are many dangers to be faced when snowboarding or skiing. Safety is of utmost importance. I highly recommend you buy one of the ski goggles reviewed above for guaranteed safety.